“I just want to give a huge shoutout to Darcy Phillipps and Scott Minson, our awesome dog trainers at Dog 2 Dog! First and foremost, there has never been a time they haven’t been there for me or helped out with tiny problems with Penny, no matter what time of day. Secondly, they’ve recently presented us with the opportunity to train for and take a CGC test (Canine Good Citizenship) I am so beyond thrilled about this and can’t wait to start! Thank you so much Darcy and Scott! You guys are the best!”

-McCall M., Salt Lake City, UT

“I have a beagle named Drake. Before I started working with Dog 2 Dog, living with him was a nightmare. If I left my sandwich, unattended on the counter, for longer than 15 seconds, it would disappear. If we didn’t put away (clean) underwear immediately, he would steal it and run…when we saw it again, it was no longer useful. Taking him on a walk was torture. It was more like HE was walking ME. Then we hired Dog 2 Dog. Now everything is different. I haven’t lost a sandwich to him for as long as I can remember. And taking him for a walk is actually enjoyable. I don’t resent having him anymore. I like myself much better when I’m around him now (I pet him voluntarily). Darcy and Scott have made a BIG difference in my relationship with my beagle.”

-Curtis S., Sandy, UT

“Working with Scott and Darcy has been a wonderful experience. They are friendly and they took into consideration the needs of our family when training our Sharpei puppy. They were always available for questions and often times went above and beyond offering support well beyond what I would consider basic training. We were amazed by the difference we saw in our puppy after the first visit and how quickly we were able to train him using the techniques taught. Scott and Darcy are great about explaining why the techniques work and making sure you understand them and are using them correctly. It was so easy even our 2 year old was able to apply the training techniques. We have loved being a part of the Dog 2 Dog family and can’t thank them enough for helping us to give our puppy some much needed manners!”

-Cindi W., Sandy, UT

“Professional, knowledgable, skilled, and personable describes the two best dog trainers we have ever met and had the pleasure to work with. We began working with Scott and Darcy early this year with our new golden retriever puppy, Sir Cannondale. From the first in home lesson, we knew this would be the most positive experience as pet owners we have ever had! Scott and Darcy teach with not only the “how to” but the “why” to each of the commands, techniques and practicing required to have an obedient and trained dog. We have had large dogs in the past but by far with working with Dog 2 Dog this has been the most enjoyable and well behaved dog in our lives. One of our most favorite parts of the training sessions is the group Confidence and Agility training at the park. Working along side other dog owners, you experience the amazing teaching and instruction from Scott and Darcy in an controlled environment. We would recommend Dog 2 Dog to any dog owner!!”

-James & Theresa G., Murray, UT