Dogs in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a very breath taking country. I was most impressed at how the country has been rebuilt after the tsunami. It was interesting how the people would refer to events as before or after the tsunami.

Since I am an animal lover, I was fascinated with all the animals; I had a blast taking pictures of the cows, monkeys, snakes and birds, I even tried to catch this mongoose but he was always to fast for me. I did not take that many pictures of the dogs. I made that choice, I really did not want to have too many pictures to remind me of a situation that I felt I could do little about. It was interesting seeing all the packs of stray dogs with not enough food to eat. Many of them we afraid of people, yet many of them would still come up to you. The people were not really concerned with how the dogs were hanging out on the road, you would see dogs with missing legs or lame; they would refer to these dogs as one two or three legers. Once they lost one leg by being hit by a car there chances would decreases in how long they would live. I noticed a sense of callousness and how they treated them as a nuisance.

As we traveled around to the different cities and villages our guide did not understand why I would save some of my lunch and go out side and feed the dogs. My friend and I would go to the beach and feed the dogs, there was a little pack that consisted of the mom, two pups and two other dogs, the one pup would follow us home sometimes, I had bought eggs at the market and would feed them to him.

I was so bothered by a young pup at the market, he had been stepped on so many times his little leg did not work so well, yet he was still so full of life, I was buying some food and this old man started to hit this pup because he had gotten to close to his stuff. I went over and touched the man’s hand looked in to his eyes, and said stop be nice. I am sure he had no idea what I was saying, but I am sure he knew what I meant as I picked up the pup and moved him to a better place. This is one of the times that I could not hold back my tears.

The most heart wrenching moment for me was at Buddest temple. People go and dump puppies there with the hopes of the monks taking care of them. As we got out of the car there were three little puppies; they were starving and we gave them food and water. One of the girl puppies, would not eat or drink so I just held her, as she died in my arms, I noticed she was full of bugs and it seemed like it must of been a most long and tortuous death. As we left I knew that the other two puppies would have the same fate. I did what I could and left. If I had known where a vet was or even if there was a vet, I sure would have taken them there to have them put down as a way to put them out of their misery of the slow death that they were heading toward. I cried as we left, again I felt helpless to a big problem in this country. I am sure some would say that this is not as big as a problem as some of the people who do not have enough to eat. Even most our animals here in the United States are so well taken care of in comparison.

All I know is it was a great reminder as to how much abundance I have and the opportunities we all have in this country. When I complain or I hear others complain it is many times so trivial. I have so much, who am I to complain?

Darcy Phillipps
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