No Dog Tags?

How many of you have updated information on your dogs tags and have had your dogs micro chipped? I know I did not have current phone numbers on my dog’s tags even though they do have micro chips. I have noticed over time how many dogs I run into who have gotten out and I go to see if they have a tag and they do not.

Over the 4th of July weekend, these two dogs were roaming around and I thought that it was unsafe to let them continue because it was getting dark out and fireworks were starting in a couple of hours.

I brought them into my house and assessed the situation, I checked for ID tags and only one of the dogs had a rabies tag from the Humane Society, I knew they were closed for the weekend and on Mondays. They stayed the night… On Saturday morning I got up and went to PetSmart to have them scan both dogs for micro chips, neither dog had been chipped. I knew I then had to wait till Tuesday morning to see if the humane society had any info. My Daughter and I took pictures and made posters of the dogs and hung many around where we live. No luck, no one called us.

Joe, my pit, was very happy to have a guest (we called Goldie) that was big enough to play with him so they played and drooled all over each other all weekend. Maggie my Cairn terrier played a little with the black and white dog that we called Blackie. They both were such great dogs and easy to have around. They joined my pack with no problems so we were up to six for the weekend, my three dogs, my parent’s dog and the two strays.

Tuesday morning arrived and I called the Humane Society, I gave them the number on the rabies tag, and it took them a few minutes, but they had a phone number for me. I called the number and I asked them if they had a Golden Retriever and a black and white dog, He said yes and was ecstatic to know they were ok and came right over to get them.

When he got to my house he told me that he had taken his wife to a movie and left the dogs in his fenced back yard. When they got home the gate was open and the dogs were no where to be found, so they looked all weekend for them. The dogs had traveled a mile from their house. It was a happy reunion and such a relief for them, but I have to say the problem and worry would have be solved much quicker if they had current information and had been wearing dogs tags and then also micro chipped.

So I bought updated tags with the correct phone number for my dogs, now I am asking you to do the same and update or get your dog tags with your current phone number and get your dogs micro chipped. It is a simple step and it gives your dog the best chance to be reunited with you if they do get out and are lost.

Darcy Phillipps
Dog 2 Dog
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