Perfect Partnership

Most people that bring a dog into their life have “The Dream”. I’m sure you are familiar with what we are talking about here. The dog will come with us everywhere! We will take her for long walks…everywhere! He will be my very best friend and everyone else’s best friend too! Oh, and she won’t ever jump on people…ever!

Yeah, “The Dream”.

It is a fact that the companionship of a dog can work miracles in a person’s life just as it is true that we can work wonders in a dog’s life as well. This is not, however, a foregone conclusion. Perfect partnership between a dog and its human requires that respect exist between both parties. The dog will, in the presence of recognized order do its very best to fit into the world of the human. We believe that dogs are inherently mannerly when pack structure is correctly organized and administered. In the dog’s world this is always the case.

So, what is to be done? This is the question all dog folk should ask. Screaming, swearing, hitting, sulking, lecturing and all the other “human” responses don’t work so well. If, however, we look at the dog’s fundamental drives and character and plot a course towards mutual respect and order, the love we have for these wonderful creatures will be refined into something quite extraordinary.

You will probably need some help. It is an honor and a pleasure to have served so many good people and their dogs over 32 years. There is no reason whatsoever that you cannot enjoy a remarkable relationship with your dog without those behaviors that distract us from the affection we have for our canine companions.

We promise!

Please ponder the following: Order creates Obedience. Obedience creates Confidence. Confidence creates Trust. TRUST creates JOY.

We wish you a truly Perfect Partnership with your canine friend and companion!

Scott Minson
Dog 2 Dog
Perfect Partnership