Having a great relationship with your dog begins with insight and understanding.

Scott and Darcy want you and your pet to enjoy the best years that you’ve ever had.  However, before you can reach that level of bliss, there are some things that you need to know about your furry friend.  At Dog 2 Dog training, we believe in education for owners and pets to achieve a relationship that fosters mutual respect.

Since we have over 30 years of experience, our capable trainers can assist you on your journey to show the dog how to adapt to your lifestyle.  Further, we will show you why your dog exhibits specific behaviors and what each of them means. For most gentle species, peace comes from empathy and understanding, and we will help you to understand everything that you need to improve your pet’s mental health.


Scott is known as one of the United States premier dog training experts.  His ability to clearly and concisely breakdown and explain the nuances between a multitude of dog breeds, enables Scott to take the mystery out of training your dog.  Scott's ability to teach with humor and compassion allows his clients to skyrocket their handling skills and have fun, while simultaneously building an unshakable bond between owners and their dog.


Darcy is know as one of Utah's premier dog trainers.  Her years of dog training and breed evaluation skills give her an unparalleled ability to breakdown and explain the behavioral nuances of training in a variety of dog breeds.  Darcy is able to de mystify dog training and make the training process effective and enjoyable for both the owner and their dog.


Sam is a highly gifted dog handler with an absolute passion for animals of every kind. She is an intuitive trainer with many years of exposure to the Dog 2 Dog training system. She is extremely proficient in working with people; This is valuable to us as there are always two sets of students…the dog and the humans. It is the humans that are often most challenging! Sam excels at this critical training. She is Master Trainer Darcy's daughter, and is an excellent asset as a Dog 2 Dog Lead staff trainer.

As with all our training staff, Sam has what we refer to as “Good Hands”. She is gifted with the ability to soothe, steady and communicate with a dog.


Jen has lived her whole life with a professional dog trainer. She is gifted with animals and had the assignment to handle and teach new born puppies starting when she was 18 months old! She has no memory of a dogless life. As Master Judge Scott's, daughter she heard and participated in dog training for her whole life right up to the present. She currently has two dogs, Beamer an old (14) Beagle and Zeiss, a very large daniff (165 lbs). Jen is our coordinator and is tasked with our media and day to day organizational needs. As a staff trainer her passion is with children and their dogs. She is one of two child whisperers on staff.

As with all our training staff, Jen has what we refer to as “Good Hands”. She is gifted with the ability to soothe, steady and communicate with a dog.


Because of all this experience, we know what actually works and sticks…as well as what simply “tricks” the dog into temporary positive behavior. In order to train your dog properly, you need to understand the facts about how your dog thinks, how it communicates, and what its motivations are. And we are here to help you do just that.


Come and see for yourself just how much better your relationship can be with your dog.


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